What Clients Say

“I came to Mrs. Schonfeld’s office after many, many other attempts to find help for my son. I didn’t need to look further!”


“This is my new favorite children's book for therapy! It very simply and effectively explains the growth vs. fixed mindsets in a way most children can relate to.”

H.J. (about Mindsets & Me)

“Mrs. Schonfeld is the real deal – whether the issue is academic or social – she has the resources and the know-how to get you on track.”


“It is wonderful that such a book was created, sensitive to the modesty concerns of a religious lifestyle, and I commend the author for the time, effort, and energy which must have been invested into the concept and design.”

J.J. (about My Friend, The Troublemaker)

“Mrs. Schonfeld’s office is warm and inviting. She made my daughter feel comfortable right from the very first session.”


“The six-week anxiety workshop did marvels for my son. He came out more confident and more assertive. He keeps begging me to take it again!”


“If you’re looking for an expert who has decades of experience with ADD, but still has tons of energy, Mrs. Schonfeld is the right person for you.”


“I referred my talmid to SOS when I realized that he couldn’t read. I don’t know how he fooled his rebbeim until now, but he is a brilliant boy, and he somehow got by with memorization. That doesn’t work with Mishnayos. After several weeks with Mrs. Schonfeld, he learned how to read, and he is now one of the top students in my class.”


2 Minutes with Rifka Schonfeld