We are all busy B”H! But we can’t allow ourselves to be too busy to make meaningful changes in our lives and the lives of our family. Be it dealing with anger, anxiety or in helping our children cope with the likes of school, bullying or overall social issues, we must make time to improve. And Rifka Schonfeld is offering an innovative solution for our time-crunched generation.

Rifka Schonfeld is proud to introduce 6-week programs dealing with the likes of Anxiety, Parenting, Anger Management, Social Skills and more.

In just 6 weeks you can learn about proven strategies to become a better parent, learning about important topics such as raising confident children, instilling derech eretz in your child, and how to deal with difficult children.

Other 6-week courses focus on helping children develop proper social skills for school and life, overcoming anxiety, preparing for sleepaway camp and other important elements in helping children build confidence for life. All in just six weeks! To learn more, please scroll down below and you can change your life for the better sooner than you think.

A Calmer Child. A Calmer Home. In Just 6-Weeks.

“It’s not my fault!” “I couldn’t help it!” “I just lost it!” When anger takes control, we feel helpless. This six-week workshop teaches people the skills necessary for gaining control of their anger in order to channel it toward a positive end. Anger is an intense emotion and is not inherently wrong, rather it is how we express it that can be detrimental or restorative. Join this workshop and learn how to make anger work for you!

Help Your Child Deal with Anxiety. In Just 6-Weeks.

In today’s fast-paced, high-stress world, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t worry occasionally. But, how much worrying is too much? And if it is too much, how can you stop cycling through it? This six-week workshop focuses on hands-on skills to minimize and control anxiety in order to live your best life.

6-Week Reading & Kriyah Program

Reading is a life skill, not just one required for school and academics. If your child is struggling with English reading or kriyah, this six week booster workshop is for him or her! We will pinpoint his or her struggles and tailor the activities and instruction to ensure he or she is more confident and fluent at the end of the workshop. It’s never too late to give your child the skills he or she needs to succeed!

Become a Better Parent in 6-Weeks!

Parenting is probably the only job that no one gets any training for, but without a doubt, it is the only job that no one gets paid for! In the end, though, it’s a job that everyone wants to do extremely well. Join this six week parenting workshop to learn tips and techniques for parenting older and younger children. Learn how to be the parent you always wanted to be – more relaxed, disciplined, and warm.

Become a Better Teacher in 6-Weeks!

This workshop is for both beginning and veteran teachers – providing teachers with hands-on classroom skills to make planning and instructing less time-consuming and smoother. Learn how advanced differentiated instruction works, gain digital tools, and rediscover the wisdom of backward design.