Survive & THRIVE with the Kids at Home!

Survive (AND THRIVE) with the Kids Home!

Q: How can you survive (and thrive) with your kids home all day?


There is a lot of information swirling around. People are creating color coded schedules for homeschooling their children, people are posting elaborate recipes that they have been testing, and everyone’s talking about their at-home fitness techniques. It’s important to note that there is NO normal. The situation that we find ourselves in is one that has never occurred in the modern age and that means that no one is prepared for it – nor are there any norms or requirements. That’s the first thing every parent should remember. In addition,  I’ve included several more tips to help us all get through this anxiety-provoking time:

  • Creative corner. Set aside a section of your dining room or playroom as a creative corner. Put art supplies such as paper, markers, paints, and paintbrushes at the ready. Set up longer term projects such as a needlepoint or crocheting, if your children are interested. You can also leave a puzzle out ready to be toyed with. This gives children something to do when they are feeling lost.
  • List of “what to do if I am bored.” Sit with your child and help him or her illustrate their own “what to do if I am bored” list. This can include reading, playing a game with you or a sibling, helping to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or even researching a topic they have always want to know about. Then, have them post it somewhere accessible to them.
  • Screen time. Every family has different rules when it comes to screen time. Figure out what your rules are in during this time. Let everyone know so that your children are aware of what’s going on and are not constantly asking for more screen time.
  • Movement. It’s essential for your body and brain to get a little movement into your day. This can mean different things for different people. If you live in a place in which you can take an isolated nature walk, schedule it into the day. If you are able to take bike rides, go for it. If you cannot leave the house at all, have a family dance party or do a virtual yoga class. Doing exercise is proven to be one of the biggest stress relievers out there!

Perhaps the thing that most resonates with parents around the world is something one of my friends recently said to me, “In 10 years, when we are all past this crisis, I want my children to look back and not think about how stressed I was or how angry I got. Instead, I want them to think about a mother who faced the unknown with a smile, or at least tried to.” Of course, this isn’t a possibility for all of us, but it has helped me put the whole thing into perspective. We are all stuck and it’s very hard. How we choose to react is what our children will remember.

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