Making Choices: An Anti-Bullying Adventure

Rifka Schonfeld, an educator and social skills specialist, has been focusing on key issues in social interactions with kids and teens through her Strategies for Optimum Success (SOS) program. Over the years, the trends of bullying have changed with the times, and the scathing damage they cause in school and in camp sometimes have detrimental effects. Mrs. Schonfeld searched for an appropriate book to share with her clients and quickly saw a need to create one on her own.

Making Choices: An Anti-Bullying Adventure published by Feldheim, is a Choose your Own adventure book. What that means is that at the end of each chapter the reader has a choice to make. Depending on what the kid decides, they will be directed to turn to a different chapter. The book could be read multiple times and by making different choices they’ll have different outcomes. Illustrated in an engaging cartoony style, the colorful book is fun and easy to read. Interactive pages in the back encourage some self-introspection and creative role-playing skills. Tactics of class queens and the roles of the types of bystanders are explored as well. The approach taken with this up-to-date book will surely inspire and inform the victims, bystanders and the potential bullies.

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