Camps Cancelled!

Camps Cancelled… Now What?

Day camps and sleepaway camps have been slowly announcing that they will not be able to open for the summer. With school over and camps closed, many parents are concerned about how to keep their children happy and busy this summer. I’ve included a few suggestions here:

  • Backyard camp. Consider getting together with 2 other families in the neighborhood and either hiring a counselor or taking turns running the camp from your backyards. Maintaining “pods” of only 3 families can allow you to remain relatively safe but can split the work (and cost) three ways.
  • Join a book club. Many public libraries are offering book clubs, but you can organize your own if you would like. These book clubs can meet virtually or in-person. The social interaction that is involved in book clubs is the main reason that people join them – to be connected to others.
  • Change your scenery. Not everyone can afford to do this, but if you are able to rent a house somewhere remote that has a large backyard, outdoor space, or a private pool, you and your family can benefit from a change of scenery for a few days or even a month. You might also consider a house swap (with some serious cleaning before and after) with another family just so you can get away without breaking the bank. Regardless, make sure the rental has a flexible cancellation policy in case restrictions change after you make the reservation.

If none of these options are appealing or feasible, there are virtual camps and other inventive ideas specifically for this Covid-19 affected summer. After all, we are all in the same boat!

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