My Friend, the Worrier


My Friend, the Worrier follows Shimon as he deals with anxiety that threatens to make life almost impossible for him. With help from his specialists, family, and friends, Shimon learns to shrink his anxiety “monster” and enjoy life again.



Conquering Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

About the Book:

In My Friend, the Worrier, we are introduced to Shimon, a boy who struggles with anxiety. Shimon’s excessive worrying escalates into obsessive habits and eventually balloons out of control. Things get so bad that Shimon can barely make it through the school day. Follow Shimon’s progress when he (along with parents, friends, and specialists) learns how to subdue the “monster” that makes his life a cycle of anxiety.

My Friend, the Worrier is the fourth in a serious of “bibliotherapy” books by Rifka Schonfeld for children going through challenging times. Other titles include anger, bullying, and ADHD.

Bibliotherapy books are wonderful ways for children to maximize their potential through easy text and colorful pictures. This book is a great resource for anyone dealing with children who suffer with excessive worrying or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.