My Friend the Volcano


Pinny tells us about his explosive friend Reuven who erupts with anger at the slightest provocation in the dynamic My Friend, the Volcano. Reuven gets kicked out of summer camp because of his fits, but with the help of family and friends, he learns how to control his shaky trigger.



Anger management isn’t just a grown-up concern, and My Friend the Volcano addresses young readers directly as it helps them understand, identify, and deal with their own anger and temper tantrums, in positive ways.

Children, especially, need help and support in learning how to manage their anger, and this text’s lively blend of evocative illustrations and engaging storyline, presented in a thoughtful manner, offers children a clear and effective approach to dealing constructively with this destructive emotion. It teaches young readers how to recognize anger in themselves, how to handle volatile situations, and how to deal with the anger they feel.

My Friend the Volcano concludes with a section of highly informative, professional insights for adults regarding Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), the signs of ODD, along with helpful tips and strategies. Insightful and reassuring, this is a must-read resource for parents, educators, and students alike.

Rifka Schonfeld is an acclaimed educator and social skills specialist with over 30 years experience. She founded and directs S.O.S.: Strategies for Optimum Success, and conducts social skills workshops for children, teens, and adults. She is also the author of My Friend the Bully, and My Friend the Troublemaker.