Want to learn how to make friends? Believe in yourself? Control your temper? This colorful and easy-to-use workbook will help you gain the skills you need to overcome the challenges you face. The workbook is separated into eight sections: identity, empathy, self-esteem, anger, anxiety, organization, and friendship and conversation. Each section contains worksheets and a quiz or diagnostic. Once completed, you'll discover that social skills like gaining control of your anxiety or maintaining friendships aren't out of your reach!
This comprehensive and colorful workbook is a tool for parents, educators and social service professionals working with children who struggle with a variety of social, emotional or developmental issues. The workbook is separated into six sections: Bullying, Friendship, Attention Deficit Hyperactvity Disorder, Executive Function, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Anxiety. Each section contains twelve worksheets and a quiz or diagnostic.